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PANDECA’s founder, John DeCaprio has over +20 years’ experience at B2C and B2B/2C consumer goods manufacturers, retailers & retail technology firms.  A P&L focused methodology built upon a deep understanding of the art and science of curating high growth initiatives serves as a baseline for all initiatives. 


Operational processes and strategic roadmaps leverage a consumer centric approach, which utilize customer segment-based interaction models that balance consumer, associate and management expectations in the creation of product, service and brand solutions.   


An agile, entrepreneurial and metric based methodology is leveraged to ensure the creation and evolution of processes and strategies, pivoting as appropriate in response to evolving marketplace opportunities and competitive challenges.


Most importantly, a collaborative consultative approach ensures efficient curation and alignment of strategies across C-level management, associates and vendors. 


Performance Marketing: A consumer engagement methodology is leveraged to curate integrated, mixed media communication strategies/tactics that optimize growth marketing campaign performance.

International eCommerce: A digital first approach steeped in direct-to-consumer principles is leveraged to transform customer engagement, merchandising, marketing strategies/tactics, and team design.

In-Store Experience Design: A consumer engagement methodology is leveraged to curate a seamless, branded experience that drives interaction, trial and ultimately builds loyalty across the retail eco-system. 

Platform Design: A digital first approach leveraging a service oriented, customer centered design philosophy is leveraged to keep pace with the evolution of todays dynamic consumer, ensuring friction-less online, mobile and in store platform solutions. 
• Organizational Design: A transformational approach, founded in age, gender and cultural sensitivities is leveraged to ensure evolution of teams, talent and organizational design in support of current and future goals.

• Predictive Analytics: A metrics driven methodology is leveraged to mine current data and curate the collection of new data in support of known and unforeseen knowledge gaps, optimizing decision support tools across the organization. 

Select Accomplishments:
Performance Marketing: New digital personalization strategies improved product discovery, elevating the accuracy of segment specific content delivery, growing sales 18%.

International eCommerce: Repeat success curating high growth strategies; omni-channel strategies drove 93% growth, global DTC expansion grew sales 78%, new eCommerce platform scaled to 30% of revenue in 3 years.
Experience Design: Efficiently deployed $30M in digital technologies across 1300 stores, delivering a 12-month breakeven, transforming customer engagement issues identified within consumer journey/persona research. 
Platform Design – Successfully architected and operated 4 eCommerce platforms, redesigned the UI/UX of 16 existing sites, architected and operated 2 omni-channel platforms, consistently exceeding ROI projections.
Organizational Design: Modernized/transformed teams, talent, strategies and tactics across multiple organizations, managed operational budgets to $7M, capital budgets to $30M, internal teams to +30, outsourced teams to +130, and bookings to +$150M.

Predictive Analytics: Curated new merchandise/promotions management metrics leveraging IoT based insight tools; grew category awareness 37%, product revenue 12%, basket size 20%.



Georgia Institute of Technology

Masters of Science in Management

Information Systems & Marketing

University of South Florida

Bachelor of Science in Management

Business Marketing


Do your current advisors really understand how to deliver bottom line results?  Are you sure?    

PANDECA is a consortium of independent consultants led by John DeCaprio, an industry veteran with experience scaling global commerce platform solutions.  A focus on operational excellence and bottom line impact is leveraged to deliver value across the

full sales funnel.  (get in touch)



2018 ET Net FinTech Award ~ 2017 Hong Kong Innovation

2013 Adweek Isaac Award ~ 2012 MIT Social Award
2012 MIT Consumer Award ~ 2011 Luxottica Live It! Award
2006 DFW-IMA Award ~ 2001 Ad Age Gold ADDY

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